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Robert A Ryan

Hello, My Name is Robert A Ryan. I'm a self employed IT/IS Consultant and also do PC Repair.

My Name is Robert A Ryan, and I'm one of the most honest trustworthy people you could ever know!!! Most people's out look on life is "What can YOU DO FOR ME?" where as mine is "What CAN I DO FOR YOU?" I was raised to give freely and to do for others without expecting something in return!! No matter how chaotic My life I will put all that up on a shelf to help someone else... If you ask me for an HONEST answer i will give it to you, if the answer isnt gonna be good i'll ask "are you sure you wanna know?" hinting its not good and this is ur last chance to back out. if I tell you, DONT GET MAD AT ME!! YOU ASKED!! If you cant handle the answer you shouldnt ask the question!!! Ill always tell you how it is and how i see it!!! im honest blunt forward and i dont sugar coat shit!!! Dont put frosting on a pile of shit and tell me its a cupcake, no matter how much frosting it will never be a cupcake and sooner or later the shit will start to stink!! LOL i expect people to be the same with me!!! dont try to soften a blow or protect me!! OH PS... I have two computer degrees and I'm COMPUTER GOD both self proclaimed and labeled by others!!! hehehe you need your computer fixed or have questions ask me, I'm IT/Helpdesk/Technical Support for every single person I know.

Robert A Ryan's Background

Robert A Ryan's Experience

NOC Engineer at NextG Networks

July 2008 - August 2008 | San Jose, CA.

• Phone Based Technical Support/Customer Service – Cell Phone Providers • Monitor the Fibre Network and the 5000+ DAS Nodes attached. • Open Trouble Tickets, Manual Configuration, Dispatch and Coordination of Technicians. • Track and manage documented known issues. Analyze and document new unknown issues – Escalating when necessary. • Accurate case documentation and data entry.

TAC – Tier 1 & 2 Support at Barracuda Networks

October 2007 - April 2008 | Campbell, CA.

• Phone Based Technical Support/Customer Service – Call Center • Provide Tier 1 Troubleshooting, and at times even Tier 2 Support. • Knowledge and understanding of Linux, the core platform is a proprietary Linux version • Diagnosis and resolution of both known issues and new developing issues • Accurate case documentation and data entry • Salesforce experience for creating, documenting and tracking cases

Phone Support - TAC at Mega Path Inc.

July 2007 - September 2007 | Pleasanton, CA.

• Phone Based Tech Support/Customer Service – Call Center • ADSL / SDSL / DDSL / ISDN / T1 Troubleshooting • Data Entry • CIS v2/Rightnow & Clarity Customer Account Database • Complete Layer 1 & Layer 2 Troubleshooting. • Accurate case documentation and data entry

Senior Tier - DSL Tech at At&t

August 2006 - March 2007 | San Ramon, CA.

• Phone Based Tech Support/Customer Service – Call Center • DSL Troubleshooting • Data Entry • CRM Database Experience • DSL Diagnostics • Customer Registration • Accurate case documentation and data entry.

AML - PCLD Technician at Intel Corp.

March 2006 - July 2006 | Santa Clara, CA.

• Manage and track equipment with asset database. • Lab technician. • Processing equipment ranging from PCs, Laptops, Servers and Server Racks. • Equipment installations (including setup and configuration). • Accurate case documentation and data entry.

Network Administrator at NPM Construction

January 2002 - August 2005 | Fremont, CA.

 Maintain several Windows XP machines and a variety of programs.  Maintain Network. Printer, and Internet Connectivity.  Provide troubleshooting and maintenance for any problems.

Robert A Ryan's Education

DeVry University

2005 – 2007

BS- Information Security Network Communication and Management

Concentration: Information Security and Network Management

ITT Tech

2002 – 2004

AS - Information Technology Computer Network Systems

Concentration: Computer Networking

Robert A Ryan's Interests & Activities

I'm VERY into Technology (both old and state of the art NEW, I love learning about new things in My Field) and the only thing I'm into as much as Tech is Music, I listen to Music ranging over the last 400 years, in three dozen genres, and in six different languages. I'm also into comic books, mostly X-Men, I AM The X-men's NUMBER ONE FAN!! I love cartoons (animated X-men series, Family Guy, America Dad, Futurama, and THE SIMPSONS!!). I was saddened when the TV series Heroes wasn't signed on for its fifth season. I am currently addicted to HBO's Series True Blood. I love video games also! I own a Xbox360, PS2, PSP, Gameboy Advanced, and a Nintendo DS!! I also play games on My Computer. I am also currently addicted to Star Trek Online ^_^ I am a Vice Admiral (the highest level you can have). I am also into sketching, painting, arts and crafts, and recently taught Myself to crochet. I have MANY MORE interests but these are the main ones... for the most part! ^_~

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